It is not enough to just be a Christian and give your heart to the Lord. Actually, that is just the beginning of your spiritual journey. There is so much further to go. But the average Christian flounders in carnality and never reaches the level of maturity and spirituality in part because they are not in the right environment. All living things need to be in the proper environment in order to be healthy and grow.

In order for you to grow and be transformed into the image of Christ, you need three things: 
1) The Word of God; 
2) The Spirit of God; and 
3) The People of God.

Our Transformation Groups meet during the week and create the proper environment for you as a disciple to grow spiritually as you are surrounded by other disciples who will encourage you in your spiritual progression. So we invite you to learn more about our Transformation Groups by reaching out to one of our T-Group leaders.