Are you looking for a local church that believes in and teaches the Bible? Are you looking for a friendly group of believers that will welcome you? Then you are looking for Jubilee City Church. Currently holding services at the American Montessori Academy at 30055 Joy Road in Westland Michigan, JCC is a strong bible teaching church where you will be challenged to grow spiritually.

We invite you to be our Special Guest at the Jubilee Worship Experience this Sunday at 10:30am. You’ll be greeted by friendly, loving people who will make you feel like family.

What You Can

When you arrive at Jubilee City Church you will be greeted with a smile, by warm, friendly people who will make you feel right at home. Our service begins at 10:30am with corporate prayer, followed by a glorious time of Praise and Worship. During this time you will see us clapping, singing, shouting and worshiping our God unashamedly. But don’t be a spectator, we invite you to enter in with us. Next we greet our Special Guests, but don’t worry you won’t be embarrassed or put on the spot. We will simply greet you with warm smiles. Following this the host of the service will read the upcoming announcements. Then we enter into a time of celebration as we bring our tithes (10% of our income) and offerings to the Lord and worship Him with our substance. At this time our children and teens are dismissed to attend Judah Nation (our children’s ministry) and Z-Nation (our teen ministry), following which our pastor, Ellis Smith, will deliver a timely, anointed and thought provoking message that will challenge and stir your faith and help you grow as a Christian.

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So, would you like to be our Special Guest this Sunday? Just click on the button below to alert us and we will be expecting you with a smile.

Casual or Business Casual, whatever you are most comfortable with.

We realize that everyone may have a different perspective about COVID. Masks are not required but if you prefer to wear one it is not a problem.


Judah Nation is headed by Laura Holcomb and her team, she also teaches by profession in the Public Schools of Westland, MI.

The power of knowing who God is and having a real relationship with Him is the focus for young children, giving them a solid foundation in Christ. We strongly believe in laying a Biblical Foundation in our children, teaching them who they are in Christ and who the enemy is. Our goal is to make God known to them on their level of receptivity and to lead them in their own personal journey of discovery of the God of the Bible.


There is intentional impartation and teaching of God’s Word and His Ways to this special generation. As they are being trained in God’s Word we believe they will have a rock solid foundation in the God of their salvation. Our desire is also to prepare them for the world they will encounter as they become young adults. Creativity, communication, connection and Christ sums up the focus for this age group.